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Sun Sep 3 15:50:13 PDT 2000

Wolf asked:

>any out there know exactly which *type* of honey has was shown to be
>most effective as a topical in wound healing (please, *not* a rehash
>of the standard raw vs processed thread .... )

In all the clinical studies I have read I have found no notation or scientific
evidence that there are more or less effective types of raw honey used in
modern wound treatment. I have found reference to studies of honey from
particular trees that have been found to be more effective than field
flowers in the treatment of staph infections, but those summaries did not
list a statistically significant difference between the tree-based honey
and the field-based honey. That is, the difference was not significant
and both were found effective. Granted, I only read the summary and not
the actual article, so I can give you a firm answer regarding staph.

>... noted another CNN news segment on the subject where they
>mentioned the medicinal properties of raw honey and mentioned that
>only certain types have been shown to be effective, without
>specifying the types.


This article from CNN contains one mention of the type of honey
to which you refer, I believe and to which I referred above. I believe
these are the same studies. The tree to which they refer in this article
is the tea tree. Not surprising, considering the incredible antimicrobial
properties of the plain oil from this tree. Again, however, this isn't the
original study. The phrase "particularly effective" should be weighed
against the actual study to find out if a statistically significant
difference was shown or even if the tea tree honey use was compared
with other honey.

If you're interested in filtering through a bunch of research articles,
you might find this link to a honey wound research bibliography of use:


Now, if you'd like to hear about honey use in history, I have that info too.
Just let me know.

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