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Thu Sep 7 22:08:34 PDT 2000

Neat.   One of my family's old recipies includes, among other ingredients,
Milk of Bismuth.

Seems my great great grandmother had a problem with skin rashes on her kids.
After trying everything "modern" medicine could offer, she went to a local
Indian medicine man, who, after swearing her to secrecy, never to tell
anyone how it was made, gave her a recipie.   It worked, and has been in the
family ever since for rashes and such.  She never told anyone how to make
it, but when she knew she was on her last legs, she called her daughter,
gave her a shopping list, and made her sit and watch as she made it.
That's how it passed down, till it came to my great aunt, who said not
telling was nonsense and just gave the recipie to my mom.   We call it
"stinking medicine"


From: Walter J. Wakefield <wjwakefield at juno.com>

> One of the essential components of the treatment of Helicobacter pylori
> as the bacterial cause of ulcers is PeptoBismol, or an equivalent bismuth
> containing compound.  Apparently the bismuth is useful in some capacity.
> I believe it disrupts  some process in the bacterium, but I have not
> researched this in any detail, so am not sure.  Maybe someone else has
> seen some research on this topic?  Anyway, maybe PeptoBismol has more
> properties than just coating and soothing??
> Suzanna, the Herbalist, Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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