Bob Williams bobwilliams at zianet.com
Tue Sep 12 06:09:17 PDT 2000

On 9/11/00 2:20 PM, "Gaylin J. Walli" <gwalli at ptc.com> wrote:

> Do you happen to know how often the online version of the PDR
> is updated in comparison to the dead tree version? I'm curious
> because the basic plan for the PDR.net website says that you
> have free access to all the content and services of PDR.net
> EXCEPT for the PDR and Stedman's. I don't really feel like paying
> 9.95 each month for something unless I know that I'll be
> using it a whole lot. Which subscription do you have? One of the
> $plans or the basic plan which is free?

Well, actually I my brother-in-laws account (he is a physician :-) when I
need access -- which, as you point out can be infrequent (maybe 20 times a
year for me versus 20 times a week for him)

>From what I understand updates are very frequent and MD's who are computer
literate rely on PRD.net rather than the dead tree version (it's easier to
find information  too!)
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