HERB - Patchouli??

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Greetings herblist!

I have done some studies on wormwood and the production of Absinthe.  From 
what I have read, a lot of the toxicity that Absinthe was responsible for 
was due to the additives that the producers used to create the clear emerald 
green color and make the effect of turning the drink cloudy white when mixed 
with water, when they werent using fresh wormwood.  I think in some 
instances they used copper sulfate.  Now, I am NOT saying Absinthe is safe 
to drink, as wormwood does have hallucenigentic (sp?) properties in its own 
rights from the thujone (which is a base property of wormwood)and is 
poisonous in high doses, but in small doses, a lot of herbalists use it to 
rid the body of parasites, assist in relieving pain, as well as other 
things.  Definitely, do not use it if you are pregnant, as it does have some 
abortifacent properties.

Btw, Absinthe is a VERY bitter drink..the proper way of serving it was to 
add sugar, and using a slotted spoon, pour cold water into the drink until 
it turned the cloudy white color.

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  Absinthe is wormwood.  Absinthe is available as an essential oil.  
I don't have a source.  Sweet smelling.  Absinthe was an emerald green
liqueur that was popular until it was band in the early 1920's due to it's
toxicity.  people used to get pretty zonked on it and all my readings
suggest it was very addictive.   The terpins in the plant seem to be
responsible for the effects.

I have seen worm wood listed as an ingredient in some German wines.  However
the nasty ingredient thujone that  causes the toxic effects has been
removed.  I've drank it but can't remember what it tasted like.

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