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Tue Apr 3 09:04:14 PDT 2001

>  Now, I am NOT saying Absinthe is safe 
> to drink, as wormwood does have hallucenigentic (sp?) properties in its own 
> rights from the thujone (which is a base property of wormwood)and is 
> poisonous in high doses, but in small doses, a lot of herbalists use it to 
> rid the body of parasites, assist in relieving pain, as well as other 
> things.  

Actually, I just looked this up because of a debate on our shire list.
Wormwood (and thujone specifically) is generally not considered
hallucinogenic per se, but rather is considered to damage the central
nervous system in large doses-- with the result that those who suffer from
thujone poisoning may experience hallucinations, mental illness, palsy,
or any of the other exciting side effects of central nervous system
disruption or damage.

>From The PDR for herbal medicines: "Due to the drug's thujone content, the
internal administration of large doses can lead to vomiting, stomach and
intestinal cramps, headache, dizziness and disturbances of the central
nervous system. Continuous use is not advisable."

Basically, while small amounts of wormwood taken internally are probably
safe, large amounts or continuous use is a Bad Idea. 

In the SCA where people smear themselves with woad because they've heard
that it's hallucinogenic (by which they think they mean an effect similar
to marijuana, as far as I can tell), it's probably not a good idea to
conflate 'causes central nervous system effects' with 'hallucinogenic'. ;)

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