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Yes it is Wormwood. It was outlawed last in France, the main producer of Absinthe, after it was proven that liberal amounts can cause death. Small amounts can cause convoulsions, heart beat irregularity, blackouts and a few other things, if I remember correctly. It was also said to be extremely deadly if brewed incorrectly, which apparently wasn't hard to mess up. Wormwood in and of itself can be deadly if taken internally. Externally, its a great poultice for bruises and swelling. 

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  Asinthe is illegal.  It was a French-manufactured alcoholic beverage that contained, among other things, (was it wormwoood?  I forget) a potentially lethal ingredient.  It is no longer commercially manufactured.

  On the other  hand, I ran into a woman selling hand-made beverages & brews who had something labeld "Absinthe".  I asked her if it really was, and she said yes.  I sniffed it, and it smelled SOOOOO familiar... the scent put me in mind of my great-grandmother, though I couldn't tell you why.  I was tempted to buy the bottle (just so I could say I had it), but as I a.) have no carriage, and b.) had a number of other errands to run that day, I didn't.

  --Katherine Blackthorne

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  >Subject: HERB - Patchouli?? 
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  >Are patchouli plants for sale in the U.S.? If so, where? And does 
  >anyone have experience with how difficult they are to take care of? 
  >Also, someone asked me about the scent "absinthe"! , and my mind is a blank 
  >- well, okay, no big surprise there for those who know me, but does 
  >anyone have any leads? 
  >30 books on herbs, and not one mentione to above 
  >-Caro the stumpefied 

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