HERB - Re: Absinthe / Wormwood and Other Random Thoughts

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Tue Apr 3 23:01:18 PDT 2001


Giggle - I really want to make a joke here about how galling this
conversation is, but I can't make myself get in the mood for a joke. 
Sorry, all.  I'm just very very depressed.  You know that plane in China?
 One of my friends is on it.  I want her home so badly I ache.  

Anyway, now that I've blathered, I want to thank all of you for providing
such lovely answers to my questions.  They've been forwarded to the
person who asked, and she's very surprised!  She's not looking for the
beverage, and she's not looking to imbibe - she has a few Goth friends
(the nice ones) who are looking for some good schtick.  They were
thinking of absinthe-scented candles, IF and ONLY if they could do it

Now - does anyone know where I can get period-type gillyflowers?  The
modern kind are scenting up my house right this minute, but I'm really
looking for the period type.  I'm sniffing my bergamot oil as I type, and
raiding someone else's flower bed isn't my idea of being neighborly!  ;-)

Are marigolds period?
Does woad have a scented flower?  I've never seen one, so I was wondering
if anyone else knows.

I should go away before I become a pest....

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