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Thu Apr 5 00:03:23 PDT 2001

Caro wrote:
>  Anyway, now that I've blathered, I want to thank all of you for providing
>  such lovely answers to my questions.  They've been forwarded to the
>  person who asked, and she's very surprised!  She's not looking for the
>  beverage, and she's not looking to imbibe - she has a few Goth friends
>  (the nice ones) who are looking for some good schtick.  They were
>  thinking of absinthe-scented candles, IF and ONLY if they could do it

While artemisias (of which wormwood is one) have a definite 
fragrance, i don't think you could effectively put the flowers in wax 
and get a smell out of them when you burned the candle. And i don't 
know if anyone makes wormwood oil. I've used wormwood plants in 
incenses myself and it certainly added something.

Quite a few of my Goth friends brew their own absinthe - they mix 
vodka and sugar and wormwood - there are recipes on the web. The 
occasional drink won't hurt you. The problem comes when you are an 
alcoholic and your primary drink is absinthe. Then it can damage you.

Some other common artemisias include mugwort and southernwood.

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