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Thu Apr 5 05:52:20 PDT 2001

> While artemisias (of which wormwood is one) have a definite 
> fragrance, i don't think you could effectively put the flowers in wax 
> and get a smell out of them when you burned the candle. And i don't 
> know if anyone makes wormwood oil. I've used wormwood plants in 
> incenses myself and it certainly added something.

*twitch* My gut reaction is: If you do see wormwood oil, it's probably best to avoid it
like the plague. Extracting the essential oils of plants tends to concentrate the
thujone, if they have any in them. I'll have to look it up in Lawson's _Encyclopedia of
Essential Oils_ to check it out though. (It's definitely not for internal consumption,
though!-- see this mention of Evolution in Action: http://www.gumbopages.com/nejm.html
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