HERB - Re: Absinthe / Wormwood

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Fri Apr 6 00:45:27 PDT 2001

>*twitch* My gut reaction is: If you do see wormwood oil, it's probably
best to avoid it
>like the plague. Extracting the essential oils of plants tends to
concentrate the
>thujone, if they have any in them. I'll have to look it up in Lawson's 
>_Encyclopedia of Essential Oils_ to check it out though. (It's
definitely not for 
>internal consumption, though!-- see this mention of Evolution in Action:


Sigh - that same friend has my Lawson copy!  I'll check it out though. 
We saw Artemesia EO for sale today, and there was enough of a distinctive
scent that she thought about going with that one safely.  Then we got off
on an anise EO kick, and that led to bergamot, which led to Earl Grey
tea, ahich led to my purchasing a French carafe.  Heh heh heh heh....  

Oh!  That same store has marble mortars & pestles, for $20, holds about 2
cups of herby material.  Niiice.  Going back really soon to get one. 
(This is the same lady who I just cleaned out of Grains of Paradise, of
all things!  And ground madder root.  Now I need more bone beads!)


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