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Thu Apr 5 00:08:43 PDT 2001

Despina de la Brasov wrote:
>  It did have wormwood as a principal ingredient, and the proper way to drink
>  it was, indeed by pouring it through sugar set on a slotted - or tea -
>  spoon.  A good depiction of this is in the version of Dracula released a
>  few years ago with Gary Oldman and Winnona Rider. Near the beginning of the
>  movie, Wynnona Rider is having a drink of absinthe with Keanu Reeves and he
>  serves it properly (the only thing he did right in that movie, talk about
>  bad casting).

Actually the absinthe drinking scene takes place between Ryder and 
Oldman - he's in a grey suit and wearing smoked glasses - it's 
basically a seduction scene.

Keanu Reeves. Eye candy. But his best acting was in "Ted and Bill's 
Excellent Adventure"

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