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Thu Apr 5 04:53:45 PDT 2001

Hmmm. No footnote on this info in BC's Herb Garden, no footnotes in the entire book, which is
annoying. A reference to Culpeper in that text concerning clove-pinks (Dianthus caryophyllus)
turned up this:

[Government and virtues] They are gallant, fine, temperate flowers of the nature and under the
dominion of Jupiter; yea, so temperate, that no excess, neither in heat, cold, dryness, nor
moisture, can be perseived in them; they are great strengtheners of the brain and heart, and will
therefore serve either for cordials or cephalics, as your occasion will serve. There is both a
syrup and a conserve made of them alon, commonly to be had at every apothecary's shop. To take
now and then a little of either, strengthens the nature much, in such that are in consumptions.
They are also excellently good in hot pestilent fevers, and expel poison.
- Culpeper, 'The Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged.' pg. 83.

~ Isrith.

Jenne Heise wrote:

> > The Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden notes" "clove-pinks were grown in monastic gardens mostly
> > for their beauty and fragrance.
> Does it give a footnote with a date? Because I can find plenty of
> documentation after 1400, but it's not in the plan of Gall or the
> Hortulus...

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