HERB - Re: Woad

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Fri Apr 6 00:38:30 PDT 2001

>Woad is in the Mustard or Cabbage Family, Brassicaceae (also called
>Cruciferae).  It has the standard flowers of the family -- little 
>yellow four-petal flowers.  Probably not much scent.

Ahhhh - and any scent it would have would be somewhat bitter.  Got it. 
Hmm - must actually *see* this plant in person, 'cause I'm a-thinking
it's got UV spots on its petals.  (Most flowers do, and weirdo-me sees
UV.  Don't even *ask* me how I see color...  maybe I was a bee in a
former life??  ;-)

Woad trip.  Definitely need a woad trip.  On the woad again.....

Woad on bone beads...hmmmmm......

>       And Caro, be patient.  For a potentially explosive situation
they're all
>being very restrained in their rhetoric.  That's very promising.

(mutter mumble grumble)  Yeah, that's what my brain knows, but someone
hot-wired all my nerves right into that leetle spot right below mt
breastbone.  Figit figit figit... if you could see me, you'd see *three*
of me, cause I just want her *home* noooooooow!
(Rant over.  Sorry.)

-Caro the oversharing fussbudget

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