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Carol / Isrith nordmarc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Apr 4 08:13:33 PDT 2001

Greetings Caro,
yes, marigolds are period, that is the marigold now most often known by its
Latin name "Calendula".  It's sometimes referred to as "Pot Marigold" because it
was used as a pot herb in  period (which means they used it in cooking).
Calendula has some wonderful medicinal properties (the petals are the part to
use) such as antifungal, antiseptic, astringent, and is good for calming skin
inflammations. It's also good internally for the digestive system and menstrual
problems. They are really easy to grow from seed, will bloom for a very long
time if you keep the flowers picked, and self seed readily! I use them a lot in
ointments/skin creams.
I don't believe the "french marigolds" or "african marigolds" (Tagetes spp) are
period. Anyone know?

Gillyflowers, well I think you're probably referring to "Clove Gillofloures" in
period, or what are commonly known as "Pinks", a type of small carnation, very
nicely scented. Gerard's Herbal (16th C.) has several types listed:
Caryophyllus maximus multiplex (the great double Carnation)
Caryophyllus multiplex (the double clove gillofloure)
Caryophyllus simplex maior (the single gillofloure, or Pink)
Caryophyllus plumarius (jagged Pinks)

Plus he lists several others of "wild" or "mountain" varieties.

BTW ~ In modern day England the term "gillyflowers" is more often used for the
"wallflower", sorry I can't remember the Latin name - but I could point them
out! (some use, huh?) They look nothing like Pinks, and were once used as an
emenogogue (sp?) in combination with gin.

Hope your friend makes it home safely!

~ Isrith.

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