HERB - Re: Marigolds and Gillyflowers

Lynette lklc at prodigy.net
Fri Apr 6 08:14:19 PDT 2001

Yes, yes, yes. Calendula has wonderful topical healing properties.  Great
for sun burn as well as all sorts or other owies.  It best used desolved in
fat for this.  Since cartenoids are fat soluble.  Traditionally lard is used
and lard has a tradition of being antibiotic.  It is an excellent carrier
because of the similarity to fat cells in human skin.  there fore enabling
the vital active substances of the herb to penetrate skin.  I have used
commercial preparations with a lard base and really like it.
When I harvest (heads only) calendual I place them loosely in a jar of olive
oil, and place in a dark pantry.  After about 4-6 weeks (oil should be very
deep yellow) you can remove the flowers press the flowers and store oil in
small dark glass bottles.     I have a tendency to leave the flower head in
myself.     I don't know if this makes a difference.
Hildegard of Bingen (1099-1179) perported to use the ointment for impetigo
and skin blemishes.  Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) praised it effects as a
healing agent and in Hortus sanitatis (1485) it is mentioned as a wound
The oil used as a skin softener and nourishes  I can attest to.
It is also effective for "bed sores" (pressure ulcers) varicose veins  and
soothes pain.

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