HERB - Preserving Violets

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Tue Apr 17 20:47:47 PDT 2001


Here's my opinion, FWIW, on the subject....

>(2) Candy them. Not exactly something you want in a salad, per se, but
>certainly suitable for decoration and very edible. This method 
>actually works well for preservation, but then you're looking at a
>violet, not a violet.

I was at an event a year ago that had candied violets on a salad in the
first remove.  Since the event was in November, you can imagine the prep
work that went into getting the violets 7-8 months before!  The color was
a nice contrast to the greens in the salad.  My only complaint was that
there weren't enough violets for my taste.  I wanted more than my
allotted three!  ;-)

Apparently the feastocrat was looking at a authentically documented
feast, so there must be some evidence somewhere to substantiate putting
candied violets on salad.  I also don't know if she used a period
candying recipe, a modern one, a redacted one, a modern one because the
period one is unsafe for some reason, or all or none of the above.  Would
you like me to ask?  It will take some time to get to her, but I can do
so if you're interested.


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