HERB - Preserving Violets

Gaylin Walli iasmin at home.com
Sun Apr 15 18:33:00 PDT 2001

Anna asked::

>Would putting them in White Wine Vinegar and using the vinegar and violets
>in the salad, be OK? Or if anyone can advise a better method, please let me

Any time I've tried this, the vinegar has leached the color out of the
flowers. I can think of four other ways you might consider preserving
them, some of which I've tried with varying degrees of success.

(1) Freeze them in water in ice cube trays. I suspect, however, that the
freezing of the cells in so delicate will result in a limp little flower.

(2) Candy them. Not exactly something you want in a salad, per se, but
certainly suitable for decoration and very edible. This method actually
works well for preservation, but then you're looking at a sugared violet,
not a violet.

(3) Dry them flat in a pressing book. You should be able to retain their
color, but they'll be flat. You'll still be able to eat them, of course, but
they'll look more two dimensional than when they're first picked. I've
used this method when I lived in very cold climates. It works well for a
variety of flowers.

(4) Preserve the flowers in sugar syrup. I've not tried this and have no
guess as to what the final result will be. I suspect color leaching will
occur if my violet cough syrup is any indication.

Anyone else with ideas?

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