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After I sent this, I went to Amazon and B&N and did a search.  Wow, there
is a lot out there on her.



At 11:22 AM 4/18/01 -0400, you wrote:
>> http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/1945/WSB/hilde.html 
>> Has anyone been able to put hands on good books about her herbalism?  I
>> have a couple that are lots of blah blah and only a bit about her
>Yup. Here's the text:
>Hildegarde of Bingen. Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: the complete English
translation of
>her classic work on Health and Healing. Trans. from the Latin by Patricia
>(Rochester, VT: Healing Arts, 1998). ISBN 0-89281-661-9
>Bear Books also has a book about Hildegard's system as it is currently
used today in some
>parts of Germany (which wierds me out, thanks), I think it's called
>Medicine_ or some such. But get the Healing Arts press translation instead
or in addition
>to it.
>> I am leaning more and more into the classic way of diagnosing in my
>> practice and need to learn more about her!
>Note that Hildegard was not specifically trained in medicine, and tended
to go her own
>way as far as diagnosing.  For the really classic stuff about humors, etc.
there are two
>books I'd recommend: Platina's _On Right Pleasure and Good Health_ (a
period text), and
>Tobyn, Graeme. _Culpeper's Medicine: A Practice of Western Holistic
Medicine_. (s.l.:
>Element Books, 1997) ISBN: 1852309431
>If you are interested in modern holistic practice, Susun Weed's _Healing
Wise_ is an
>interesting if somewhat eccentric read. ;)
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