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> http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/1945/WSB/hilde.html 
> Has anyone been able to put hands on good books about her herbalism?  I
> have a couple that are lots of blah blah and only a bit about her herbalism.

Yup. Here's the text:

Hildegarde of Bingen. Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: the complete English translation of
her classic work on Health and Healing. Trans. from the Latin by Patricia Throop.
(Rochester, VT: Healing Arts, 1998). ISBN 0-89281-661-9

Bear Books also has a book about Hildegard's system as it is currently used today in some
parts of Germany (which wierds me out, thanks), I think it's called _Hildegarde's
Medicine_ or some such. But get the Healing Arts press translation instead or in addition
to it.

> I am leaning more and more into the classic way of diagnosing in my
> practice and need to learn more about her!

Note that Hildegard was not specifically trained in medicine, and tended to go her own
way as far as diagnosing.  For the really classic stuff about humors, etc. there are two
books I'd recommend: Platina's _On Right Pleasure and Good Health_ (a period text), and
Tobyn, Graeme. _Culpeper's Medicine: A Practice of Western Holistic Medicine_. (s.l.:
Element Books, 1997) ISBN: 1852309431

If you are interested in modern holistic practice, Susun Weed's _Healing Wise_ is an
interesting if somewhat eccentric read. ;)

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