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Wed Apr 18 08:06:26 PDT 2001

Greetings, Gentle Cousins,

I ran across this on another list.


Has anyone been able to put hands on good books about her herbalism?  I
have a couple that are lots of blah blah and only a bit about her herbalism.

I am leaning more and more into the classic way of diagnosing in my
practice and need to learn more about her!

Her art work is mind blowing.  It is so full of universal symbols and has a
very timeless feel.  I found a book in a retreat center once and just
exploded my brain.  I have never been able to find it for my library.  Any

I guess I should try seach on Amazon before bothering the list, but I did
want to share this link with people.

Anybody in the northern Colorado area or passing thru - come and get baby
plants!  I am frantically moving and transplanting.  I just composted a
bunch of unruly salad burnett!

All the best,

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