[Herbalist] Fwd: [Northshield]: In Search Of...Period Texts On Flowers An...

Gaylin Walli iasmin at home.com
Wed Nov 28 22:11:37 PST 2001

Actually, I might still have them in the herb list archives if you want me
to look for them and send them along. Just let me know. -- Iasmin

>Lady Berengaria,
>Strabo's Hortulus is a 9th century book of Latin poems about gardening
>(including poems about individual herbs and flowers) believed to have been
>written by an abbot called Walahfrid Strabo.  Raef Payne did a wonderful
>English translation, if you can locate a copy from a library or rare book
>vendor.  If not, let me know, and I'll try to e-mail some of them to you.
>Shire of Shadowlands, Ansteorra

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