[Herbalist] wine

Gaylin Walli iasmin at comcast.net
Fri Apr 5 15:45:31 PST 2002

>What bottle stoppers were used?

To date I have seen or read about the following bottle stoppers in
varying primary sources:

- a stuffed leather plug tied to the bottle
- fabric over a fabric plug tied to the bottle
- fabric simply tied over the opening
- formed clay specifically designed for a clay bottle or jug
- wax (often over some unknown type of plug)
- flour and water, almost always over metal or clay
- oiled paper, tied over the opening
- reeds or grass, usually tied
- formed ceramic, almost always for a ceramic container
- formed glass, almost always for a blown glass container

>Has anyone recreated them and tested the seal?

I have for ointments and balms, vinegars, and for cordials, but not
wines or beers or meads (not that I like mead anyway *grin*).

Hope this helps,


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