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Ooohohoh! Something I can add to!! *grin* Sorry, i just get so excited when I can

   I remember reading a bit about the Romans used to use amphores (I think I am
spelling right) when making brewed beverages. However, the knowledge of the
making died out, and so brewers had to switch to less perfect barrels. (No glass
bottles yet.) As a result, wines and such didn't have a chance to age, as they
had to be consumed long before then due to bacterial infection (air porous wood).
So I am thinking the no corks reference was more a no way to seal anything

Just my bit of info,

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> > Wine however was not quite the same as it is today
> > no corks
> > so
> > young and off -or so Ive been told
> > any more info out there
> I'm not sure what your friend was referring to, since wine barrels come
> before wine bottles. :) I don't like most modern wines so I can't tell you
> how they differ from our friends' re-created wines, except that I find
> them much more interesting and delicious.
> The best online resource I can point you to is the  Medieval/Renaissance
> Brewing Homepage:
> http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/brewing.html
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