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Well, as a mead-maker, I'm very interested in clearing and saving off wines...
but it's not because they've aged badly!

It's because this batch just won't seem to clear.  And that one just has an
upleasant back-taste I can't seem to get rid of (and I really don't want to
throw away 7 gallons of mead).
It's a wine-making thing, not necessarily a wine-aging thing.
--Katherine Blackthorne
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>Interesting - I'd also read in several food sources (not vintning) that
>wine was consumed young because it generally didn't keep well, and
>there are many instructions for clearing or saving off wines. What
>bottle stoppers were used? Has anyone recreated them and tested the
>Just curious,
>--- Gaylin Walli wrote:
> > >Wine however was not quite the same as it is today
> > >no corks so young and off -or so Ive been told
> > >
> > >any more info out there
> >
> > If you mean to say that cork was not used as a bottle stopper, then I
> > believe your information is correct. If you mean that there were no
> > bottle stoppers, then that is not correct. There were plenty of forms
> > of bottle stoppers in period that were perfectly adequate. Wine was
> > aged. It wasn't necessarily considered good for you depending on
> > where you lived, your economic status, and the time period we're
> > actually referring to, but it was aged.
> >
> > Iasmin
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