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Wed Apr 10 11:03:54 PDT 2002

Have you tried clarifying with gypsum? I hear that

And on the wine question: I have a great book, once
again not _with_me, called _The Story of Wine_. I
believe it is out of print (got mine inthe cooking
section of a used book store) but it is a faboulous
food/agriculture-history & archaelology book. It might
be worth looking fo at the library if you are
interested in the early history of wine and how it
developed into what it was in the middle ages and what
it is today.
LAdy Una

--- Katherine Blackthorne <kblackthorne at hotmail.com>
> [ Converted text/html to text/plain ]
> Well, as a mead-maker, I'm very interested in
> clearing and saving off wines...
> but it's not because they've aged badly!
> It's because this batch just won't seem to clear.
> And that one just has an
> upleasant back-taste I can't seem to get rid of (and
> I really don't want to
> throw away 7 gallons of mead).
> It's a wine-making thing, not necessarily a
> wine-aging thing.
> --Katherine Blackthorne

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