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Egg usually works fine for me.  My biggest problem with clarifying tends to be
a batch that clears fine... then clouds back up when the bottle is chilled.
~shrugs~  But as long as it's just aesthetics like that, and the med tastes
OK, I don't mind much.

What I really AM upset about is a 7 gallon batch of my "regular brew" I have
in the basement that tastes AWFUL.  I had some weirdness going on with regards
to the yeast in this batch, nothing worked like it "normally" does.  It
actually tastes like it might mellow & be drinkable in a year or so.  We'd
just really been hoping to drink it before then!  (This recipe is usually
ready to drink a couple months after bottling.)
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>Have you tried clarifying with gypsum? I hear that
>And on the wine question: I have a great book, once
>again not _with_me, called _The Story of Wine_. I
>believe it is out of print (got mine inthe cooking
>section of a used book store) but it is a faboulous
>food/agriculture-history & archaelology book. It might
>be worth looking fo at the library if you are
>interested in the early history of wine and how it
>developed into what it was in the middle ages and what
>it is today.
> >^..^<
>LAdy Una
>--- Katherine Blackthorne
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> >
> > Well, as a mead-maker, I'm very interested in
> > clearing and saving off wines...
> > but it's not because they've aged badly!
> >
> > It's because this batch just won't seem to clear.
> > And that one just has an
> > upleasant back-taste I can't seem to get rid of (and
> > I really don't want to
> > throw away 7 gallons of mead).
> > It's a wine-making thing, not necessarily a
> > wine-aging thing.
> > --Katherine Blackthorne
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