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> Please note that reasberry leaves are not to be taken at any time if you
> suspect your pregnant.  If you are not pregnant however, the tea is
> wonderful and has a very pleasant aroma and taste.  (please take no offense
> Isrith - I just had a very bad experience when I drank the tea with my last
> pregnancy - my son is fine - but it was scarry there for a bit)

in Susun Weed's "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year", you will see
red raspberry leaves mentioned as a uterine toner.  for most women it is one
of the best tonics to drink daily during pregnancy.  blended with nettle leaf
it has wonderful synergystic qualities. other sources that support the use of
red reapsberry leaf in pregnancy as a tonic include "Prescriptiopn for
Nutritional Healing" by Balch MD and Balch CNC, and the "Naturally Healthy
Pregnancy" by SHonda Parker.

i am truly sorry you had a bad experience drinking it during your pregnancy
with your son. however, given the huge numbers of women who have better
outcomes from drinking red raspberry leaf (it is also an ingredient in
Traditional Medicinal's Pregnancy Tea) what happened with you may have been
an isolated incident.

my personal anecdotal experiences include drinking it during 3 pregnancies,
and having FABULOUS fun easy labors, with no pain and effective contractions,
and babies born with high Apgars.  the labors were 7 hours, 5hours 59 min,
and 2 1/2 hours in length, from first contraction until they were out.  The
only time i did not drink red raspberry leaf daily i ended up with a 19 hours
labor and uterine contractions that were not as effective, and i learned why
some women want meds during their labor.  my son was also brow presentation
with a double nuchal cord.  but he came out too.  :)  this is all anecdotal
evidence.  widespread use of red raspberry leaf across hundreds of women
supports its use in pregnancy.  i can't access my herbal PDR at the moment,
but after our move from alaska to new mexico, i will hapilly dig it out, and
can give a real in depth footnoted academic report.  might it have been
possible you were allergic or did not react well to a component in the herb?
some people cannot drink chamommile because of a ragweed allergy, chamomile
an herb most people think as the most gentle.

for cramps, cramp bark is very useful as well, as are black & blue cohoshes.
never ever ever take the cohoshes during pregnancy unless you are under the
care of a midwife and in active labor!  also avoid goldenseal during
pregnancy as it acts as a vasoconstrictor.  i know that i am preaching to the
choir in saying this, but herbs are drugs, and need to be treated weith
respect ~ and asking a professional, be it your local midwife or naturopath
(someone trained in herbs) is always best.  there is a wonderful line of
tinctures on the market by Herbs Etc. and they have a huge array of herbal
compaunds for women & their cycles.  the companion book is usually attached
next to the display and it gives a very thorough warning of side effects.

as an aside, has anyone here taken Rosemary Gladstar's correspondence course
in the art & science of herbs?

and my apologies in advance if i have stepped on anyone's toes.

mka Victoria
student, Ancient Art Midwifery Institute
mom to four born-at-home kids

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