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Fri Apr 19 09:13:00 PDT 2002

If this is redundant please forgive me, I haven't been
able to read the _whole_ string yet.

However, I would suggest "Traditional MEdicinals"
brand of herbal tea - they make one called Female
Toner Tea, which includes herbal remedy plants, both
european & "new world"...if in doubt, read the
exhaustive ingredient list... a few teabags would be
easy to tuck into your event basket & most lunch
taverns have hot water... the again, summer is coming
so I can imagine makeing this as a 'sun tea' too.
Certain days, I have been known to drink a couple of
_pots_ of the stuff, which I think works much better
than OTC meds like pamprin - which is made of a pain
killer + diurhetic + stimulant: might as well slug
down a couple aspirin & a cup of coffee for all

(*I'm pretty sure somebody on this list has already
noted that willow bark tea is basically weak aspirin,
right?) Well, time for me to try to catch up on the
reading here...

Lady Una

--- Janece Suarez <janece at suarez-turner.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know of any remedies that the ladies
> used to utilize for
> monthly pain and cramping? I was thinking perhaps
> willow bark tea, but
> that's not something I keep, or can use easily. I
> can't take Tylenol at
> all, and so most common over the counter stuff (like
> Midol) is pretty
> much out of the question. Which got me started
> wondering what the ladies
> USED to do to resolve such things and if there was
> something that could
> be easily added to an herbal carry along basket for
> events.
> Thanks,
> Sioned
> Oz: Oh, no. Practice. See, our band's kinda moving
> towards this new
> sound where... we suck, so... practice.
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