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Long time ago, I was working road constrution as a flagger.  Between not eating alot of food, drinking more water than any other time in my life and walking 8-10 miles a day, I was losing a good bit of weight.  Every morning I throw in a 1-3 asprins with all the vitamins and herbal additions, just to ease the sunburning (yes was using sunscreen) and possible daily pains on my feet and shoulder.  After a couple of months of this, I didn't even know when my periods started to hit cause the cramps weren't hitting me hard as they use too.  Nowadays I don't work flagger, and I forget to take my vitamins and their friends.  Let's just say my body reminds me every month.  I believe the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure".  Just my thoughts, Aurore
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  Does anyone know of any remedies that the ladies used to utilize for
  monthly pain and cramping? I was thinking perhaps willow bark tea, but
  that's not something I keep, or can use easily. I can't take Tylenol at
  all, and so most common over the counter stuff (like Midol) is pretty
  much out of the question. Which got me started wondering what the ladies
  USED to do to resolve such things and if there was something that could
  be easily added to an herbal carry along basket for events.



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