[Herbalist] Instigating!

Corwyn and Carowyn silveroak at juno.com
Mon Apr 22 12:54:32 PDT 2002


Okay, May Day is coming up!  Yep, May Day!  One of the things that was
done in the Middle Ages on the first day of May was to give Poseys.
What's a posey?  It comes from the word "Poesey", or "Poetry", and it
refers to the custom of giving a scrap of poetry to a loved one, wrapped
around the stems of a bouquet of flowers.  The flowers, in the Language
of Love, also gave a message to the loved one!  The flowers used would
convey a message as well as the verse!  Later on, the Posey Ring (a
silver or gold ring inscribed with a verse of poetry) replaced the poem -
but I'm convinced that it was just the invention of the Middle Ages
version of Hallmark (tm). (If you don't know what to say, buy our rings
that say it for you!  Sheesh!)

Anyway, do something for your loved one this May Day!  Send a bouquet!
Wrap a piece of poetry around it!  Dangle a ring from it!  Do something
fun and interesting!

Most of all, have fun!
-Caro, Instigator #2

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