[Herbalist] Tinctures!

Corwyn and Carowyn silveroak at juno.com
Tue Jan 8 14:50:25 PST 2002

Greetings to the lists!

Okay, so I finally decided to do it!  I've been saving this half-filled
bottle of vodka for a few months now, trying to figure out what the heck
to put into it.   Jadwiga visited me a week ago, and suggested making
Carmelite water - which sounds great, but I only had half the
ingredients.  Sheesh!  So, since I'm bouncing all over the place today
because I have an event this weekend (standard procedure for me - get
manic the week before I have to autocrat an event), I decided to put some
of that frenetic energy to use.

So, I got out the mortar and pestle, the rosemary, and the lavender, and
partially crushed about 1/2 ounce of lavender.  Tossed that into the
vodka, using a funnel.  (Are funnels period?)  Added about 1 ounce of
rosemary, partially crushed.  Put on the lid, shook vigorously.  Already
the liquid turned a reddish purple!  Can't wait to see the finished

Then I remembered the mini bottles I had of vodka, from an earlier
experiment.  On a whim, I tossed in parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
We'll see what that does!

Now that I've gotten over my Great Beeg Fear of Doing Something New
(happens every time - it looks beeg and sceery when I first hear of it,
but if I just give in and try something, suddenly it's not so bad!), I'm
looking at the Carmelite Water recipe.  Hmmm.....after my event's over, a
trip to the local herb shop's in order....


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