[Herbalist] Tinctures!

Corwyn and Carowyn silveroak at juno.com
Tue Jan 8 23:06:07 PST 2002

Greetings to the list!

>Please do tell the story after the event of how the stuff tastes.
>(Likes the idea of new uses for that dratted bottle of vodka)

Ooops, sorry, that won't happen.  I made it as a perfume, not a drink.

You can really tell I'm more frazzled about the event than I thought!
Let me 'splain: I'm allergic to alcohol.  REALLY badly.  Like
"anaphylactic shock" bad.  (Had a bad attack after playing; had to OD a
bit on medication [within doctor-prescribed parameters!  Don't panic
about my health!])  So this will have to be used veeery carefully after
being properly diluted.  Siiiigh....

OTOH, I heard about a int vodka that apparently was good stuff.  (It
passed my "sniff test" which is done as the bottle quickly passes my
nose.)  Maybe, in the spring, stuff the vodka bottle with fresh but
bruised slightly mint leaves?  Take out after a week, add more mint,
repeat till desired taste is reached?  That might be a lovely experiment!
 (I'm tempted from a perfume point of view!  Oooooh, now I *really* wish
I have clove pinks!!!!)

Sorry for the confusion, really - my fault entirely.  It's a weird place
to live, in my head, before an event....


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