[Herbalist] Re: Herbalist digest, Vol 1 #137 - 3 msgs

BJ of NZ bjofnz at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Jan 9 15:59:25 PST 2002

 Hi ya interesting  bit obout the vodka perfume

but what are the ingredients for Caremellite stuff
exucse spelling. it sounds interesting

I had been planning a chaucer feast for twelth nite
and have just changed this to a middle eastern
the way you do
so has any one out there had any hugely popular herble
ideas along thi line

I've helped cook one before -but there is no way I'll
have 6kitchen helpers or take a day to prepare it

so ideas for middle eastern picnic

A word of explanation

12th nite is our most laid back least stressed event
it is High summer and held on a large pastoral
sheeprun/garden with a bonfire and Croquet/pallmall
We are expecting about 20 people
I have a large garden that will be supplying most of
the salad material and we are cooking the meat on a
gas bbq-(the open fire pit has been Vetoed_THus the
change of FF-)

any Ideas for Maraides etc



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