[Herbalist] Known World Symposium?

Jenne Heise jenne at mail.browser.net
Fri Nov 8 06:27:59 PST 2002

> So, Jadwiga and everyone else, do you think that an event like this
> would be large enough to host on its own? That is, it's not uncommon to
> see the cooking symposium's paired with bardic ones (one was most
> recently held in the Kingdom of Ealdormere). Would an herbalism KWS
> need to be paired with another topic like cooking in order to have a
> full slate of classes? The cook's symposium that I'm hosting in
> December of this year is a full slate of three tracks, but I doubt
> right now given the people I know if I could pull off three tracks of
> herbalism classes. what do others think? could it be done with
> out-of-kingdom volunteers and a widely cast net within a kingdom?

I think it could, depending on how many attendees you were planning for,
and what your site costs were.

Now, around here, the usual camping event fee (with feast) is around
$18-$22 for the weekend. I don't know if we would be able to pull off
something like that. SF Cons usually cost around $40 for registration,
with room and meals extra.

I don't know what other sites might be like, I know of at least one site
of the type that Mistress Anne Liese was mentioning probably would run
about $25-$30 for the site rental per person, including rooms, which would
bring the cost of site rental and food to $40-$50 for the weekend.
I post those numbers only for comparison since I don't think the local
group in which that site is located is going to be bidding for such an

Anyway, how much would people be willing to shell out to attend such a
symposium? Would people be willing to pay more than the usual camping
event weekend fee?

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