[Herbalist] Soap- How would they Have created Lye?

jenne@fiedlerfamily.net jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Tue Feb 10 15:29:04 PST 2004

> most of the recipies I have found  go straight to the
> "then add grated Soap" approach.
> I'm Hoping  some one on this list can help me.

Dunno if this will help, but:

 There is a scented lye-based soap recipe in The treasurie of commodious
conceits, & hidden secrets by John Partridge (Imprinted at London : By
Richarde Iones, 1573).
"To Make Muske Soape

Take stronge lye made of chalk, and six pounde of stone chalk: iiii,
pounde of Deere Suet, and put them in the lye; in an earthen potte, and
mingle it well, and kepe it the space of forty daies, and mingle and
[styr? fyr?] it, iii, or, iiii times a daye, tyll it be consumed, and
that, that remayneth, vii, or, viii, dayes after, then you muste put a
quarter of an ounce of Muske, and when you have done so, you must [sty?re]
it, and it wyll smell of Musk."

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