[Herbalist] Wort

Kathleen H. Keeler kkeeler at unlserve.unl.edu
Mon Feb 23 06:29:54 PST 2004

My dictionary--Webster's New World but an edition old enough to have
etymologies--says "wort" a plant or herb, from the AngloSaxon wyrt, a
root herb or plant.
[It also has wort, the liquid in brewing, from Middle English wort,
worte, from wyrt, "akin to German wurze, a spice...]

BJ of NZ wrote:

> Recently I got into a discussion about the meaning of
> the word Wort
> I thought Wort meant Useful, as in it was a lable
> added to a descriptive name- Soap wort, Bladder wort.
> what are the origins of this word?
> and what are words used to describe Herbs in other languages?
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