[Herbalist] Need Suggestions

Corwyn Ravenwing & Carowyn Silveroak silveroak at juno.com
Tue Jan 18 15:38:30 PST 2005


> I'm a lurker on this list... sorry! 

No reason at all to be sorry!  Lurking is just fine - and you're probably
learning things, so there's no worries!  ;-)

> Anyway, my reason for posting is to ask suggestions
> for the best remedy in healing the unsightliness of
> big ugly black & blue bruises. I'm a fencer, too :0

I know someone else will post the bruise balm recipe, but one of its main
ingredients is arnica - arnica is my friennnnnnnd!  *as I eye up my
arnica gel in this bone-chilling weather...*


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