[Herbalist] Jadwiga's About to Sprout Sweet Bay!!!

Corwyn Ravenwing & Carowyn Silveroak silveroak at juno.com
Mon Jan 10 13:42:05 PST 2005


> Pictures?  Please, pretty please!

I'll do my best - I'll have to flying-tackle Robin, who did take the
video.  He said that he'd be pulling still shots from it, so I'll ask! 

> Is there anything we of the list who have learned so much from her 
> over the years can do to help with the celebration even if we can't
> the event?

Yes!  The three major things are that we need volunteers to do strewing
herbs at the elevation, and volunteers to clean up said herbs, and
volunteers to help clean up the vigil area.  So for those who can't
attend, donations of herbs would be great!  I'm thinking a rose /
rosemary / lavender blend, but that's open for discussion, let'sw discuss
it!  ;-)

It doesn't have to be a lot of herbs, a handful or two from each - that
way, it can be a blend, and I'll put everyone's name who contributed into
her vigil book!  You can send it to my address:  Meredith Harmon, P.O.
Box 138, Annville, PA, 17003.



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