[Herbalist] Need Suggestions

Lisa silvina at allegiance.tv
Tue Jan 18 19:23:37 PST 2005

> Anyway, my reason for posting is to ask suggestions
> for the best remedy in healing the unsightliness of
> big ugly black & blue bruises. I'm a fencer, too :0
> I've read about comfrey, arnica and sweet clover being
> used. Does anyone have a favorite/surefire herbal
> remedy they would like to share?
> Many thanks,
> Genna

Genna, I have a salve that many in our area use that is specific for
Arthritis, but also wonderful for muscle pain and sprains as well as pulling
the huge ugly black heavy weapons fighting bruises from black to pale yellow
in a day or two.. I would have to go dig out the recipe to give you a full
recipe, but I can tell you the main ingredients that I remember.  I normally
use a jar of vaseline as the base (mainly for storage purposes, no need to
add preservatives) and use 1/8 oz of powdered herbs or 1/4 oz of dried
herbs.  The herbs I remember offhand are Devil's Claw Root, Echinacea,
Yarrow, Muellin, Cayenne, white willow bark, wild yam (don't use if you are
taking estrogen products, it's also a good source of estrogen), licorice
root, boneset, and meadowsweet.  I also used to use comfrey, but it's hard
to get now.  I also add a few essential oils at the end of the cooking
process (30 min after all vaseline is melted and the herbs added) and just
before I let it cool enough to pour into the containers.  The essential oils
I use are Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, occasionally peppermint, and
occasionally sassafras.  The specific herbs and oils I use depend on the
intended use.

Lady Elizabeta of Rundel

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