[Hou-announce] Important reminder about Hou-announce

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 17 18:45:27 PST 2006

Hi, folks:

Here's another reminder to use the new address,
<hou-announce at lists.ansteorra.org>,
if you want to post announcements here.

Yes, this means you! Really! :-P

The old address, <hou-announce at ansteorra.org>, is mostly disabled due  
to excessive SPAM that is flooding that address. Please do not use it!

If you send an announcement to that address, chances are very good  
that it will either get blocked, or else "lost in the noise" caused  
by all the SPAM. Either way, I will never see it (as moderator) and  
thus the list will never see it either. If you've posted something  
recently to the old address (you know who you are) and by good luck  
it got approved... remember, it was just good luck. Please don't  
count on it to happen again. ;-)

If you've got the old address in your address book, please delete it  
*right now*. If you're typing the old address out of habit... hmmm...  
well, try not to any more. :-)

Thanks for your help.

In continued service,
Michael Silverhands

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