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> Greetings unto the Populace of the Coastal Regions
> of
> Ansteorra!  Please let My voice be heard through out
> the Region!  (Please cross post, thanks!)
> First, I would like to thank Bordermarch for
> bringing
> their big pavilion to War and allowing us to use it.
> It provided a place to cook, eat, and socialize.
> But...
> (yep, there it is...)
> The pavilion that they brought took up a lot of
> trailer space and set an extra cost in fuel to bring
> it to War.  I do not feel it is right to ask them to
> bear that kind of burden year after year.
> So, what can we do as an alternative?
> One suggestion is to rent a Pavilion.  That way the
> Company comes in and sets it up before we get there
> and takes it down after we leave.  Everyone chips in
> for the rental.  It would be a continuing expense,
> and
> the Land Steward would have to see to the rental and
> fund collection.
> The second idea would be to put in a permanent
> structure, like a pole barn.  It would have to be
> privately funded and would take some time to
> construct, and we would have to get the Site Owners
> permission to build it.  Once built though, it would
> take a minimum amount of funds for upkeep.
> So, what shall we do?  What is your opinion?  Either
> send your reply to the Coastal list or me directly.
> Thanks
> William
> Coastal Land Steward
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