[Hou-announce] Arms/Armor From The Ancient World-Museum of Fine Arts

Leofwine dragonlaw1 at nww.net
Fri Jul 6 07:22:17 PDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

     Please excuse the bandwidth but upon reading the Katy Living Magazine,
came upon the following listed in the July calendar:

     "Visit Arms & Armor from the Ancient World before it leaves the museum
this month.  This exhibition features a dazzling array of bronze helmets, a
complete suit of hoplite armor, parade masks, weapons, a military diploma
and a marble relief depicting gladiator warfare.  These are the beautiful,
yet fearsome, arms that transformed soldiers into warriors of superhuman
appearance and forged the great empires of Greece and Rome more than 2,000
years ago.  For more information, call 713 639-7300 or visit www.mfah.org".

     As this is the stuff that interests many of us, thought it would be
good to post this.


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