[Hou-announce] Arms/Armor from the Ancient World at Museum of Fine Arts

Leofwine dragonlaw1 at nww.net
Fri Jul 6 07:45:41 PDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

     This note is a follow-up on my earlier e-mail on the subject of Arms &
Armor from the Ancient World, a current event ongoing at Houston Museum of
Fine Arts.  The following web address will take you directly to the page
with more detailed information:
http://www.mfah.org/main.asp?target=exhibition&par1=1&par2=1&par3=370  I
tried to put the original web address to use that was posted in my previous
note and it was not helpful.  So, please use the above link to take you
where you want to go.

      As this is of interest to many of us, decided to share this with

           Fellow SCAer,

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