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Well, Bordermarch Autumn Melees will be here in a few weeks. We (the Populace of Raven's Fort) have agreed to help Bordermarch with the security of the event. In the past
three years we have had about three to four hundred attend the event. This year we expect over 500 or more with Glen Aben planing to attend with their own army. This is how Gulf War started years ago. The last two years we were able to handle the security of the event with a few people on roving patrol keeping close contact with the Gate Keeper and the Autocrat. The main focus was to be visible for any one who had an emergency to be able to contact security, have security look at the situation and see what kind of help was needed. If it was of a legal issue the Autocrat was contacted and if it was a medical issue the Chiurgin was called. Most problems are going to be getting supplies or a Chiurgin to
a location. I have found that five areas will be of importance for security issues.       

Until the activities start the Gate, Parking, Camping and Merchants Row will be of interest. When the competitions are active the castle area will be added to the list. 
  This is what I suggest we do:
The Gate Keeper will have a radio of their own, the Chiurgin in Charge (CIC) will have their own radio, and the Autocrat will have a radio. The Autocrat is Baron Santiago.
These are their own radios and will not need to be given to them. Security will have five (5) radios available for rotation. 
Merchant Row will have a Security Check point with one of the merchants. This will give us an established point of contact for that area and all the merchants will be aware
Of the location if they need help.
A rover will be on duty 24 hrs with radio contact. The rover will be in a farm mule (ATV) with two seats and a load bucket in the rear. Checking on the parking area, merchants row and the camping area are important. The rover will need looking for unattended fires, gas lanterns and candles. Wandering young children who should be with their parents and any activities that that should not be happening at the event. It is up to the Autocrat to decide what to do.  
Parking will need to be organized and kept in line so that no one is blocked in or or not able to get around each other. ( a parking area layout will be needed.) Long trailers may need some special parking needs. The parking area may require some one on duty to see that all vehicles are parked correctly

Water Bearers / Chiurgin’s Point will need a radio for emergencies. This will need to be only during the days activities near the castle where most of the main activities are each day.
I don't think that having a locked in three hour shift schedule written up now will work at this point. having a list of committed people who will look at their schedule for the event and check in with Baron Brian when they have their camp all set up would be better in this situation. I will be in charge of security during the event. If any one has a preference of which day and which hours they can commit to helping with security they can contact me at  
                   jareuter1066 at sbcglobal.net .  
  I will need the following information if you would like to assist:
  SCA Name
  Day          Thur      Fri      Sat      Sun
  Hours       Four hours would be nice
 Thank you for your time and help.
 Baron Brian du Val

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