[Hou-announce] OT - Extreme Home Makeover

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 17:00:42 PST 2008

OT - sorry for this post, but a lot of you guys know a lot of folks in the affected hurricane areas or maybe a family with ill children that need a more mold-free home environment, that this may help with...

According to an interview on radio KSBJ: 
Extreme Makover Home Edition is Coming to Houston
"Imagine having Ty Pennington say move that bus out in front of your new home!!!  Well Extreme makover home edition contacted us to find a family in Houston that needs a new home.  However, you have to act fast because the deadline to nominate someone is Wednesday November 5th.  The major stipulaion is that the nominee has to own their own home and property.  They can’t renovate an apartment complex. "

Hear the interview: 

To apply, go to: 

Good luck to the applicants, 

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