[Hou-announce] Houston Area Cooking Guild ...

Maria Buchanan scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 13 13:28:58 PST 2009

Hi everyone.  
Ok.  I've been lazy the past few months and the holidays have really been busy for everyone.  So I haven't done a Cooking Guild meeting for a while.  
Well, it's time to start again.
For those of you who don't know how we are working this, it's got a theme every meeting.  The next meeting, because it's so cold out and we could use some nice warm food is ... Soups, Stews and Breads.  So, bring your favorite soup, stew or bread (or all if you want) and come on over to the meeting.  It will be ... Drum Roll Please ...
Monday, February 16, 2009 at 6 pm.  
Since I'm off on Monday nights, it is the only night I can do it.  
So far we have Annes making a bread.
Me making a soup (probably Chicken Tortilla) and a stew.
Anyone wanting to teach how to make their food please let me know.  
We try to do a quick lesson on the way some of the foods are made.
Let me know if you are coming.
Phone number is 281-433-0347.  Email is scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Call for directions.
Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
(Lady Maria)
Maria Buchanan
Protege to HE Master Ivarr Runamagi
and HE Master Ronvalder Tilbuin

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