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>I can't believe you don't want to toss all that wood onto the pristine paint on the bed of your new truck.  We won't scratch it... I PROMISE!  <holding right hand up with a sheepish grin>
>Actually, I would be happy to haul the wood on my utility trailer.  Let me know what time to be a Gwenllian's on Wednesday.
>It shouldn't take but 20 minutes to load it all.
>I can't be at HL Stella's tomorrow as I am on duty Tuesday.
>Dunstan Æ  Petrokes stowe                Long Live the Saxons
> (MKA) James Strickland

The shiny newness of my truck bed isn't so much of an issue as the limited size - I know how much it will hold, and it just isn't big enough for the wood, the Canton pavilion, and all my junk.

As both you and Bjorn have volunteered to haul the wood, I'll let you fight it out for the honor.  With at least three of us there Wednesday evening, we should have it loaded in 10 minutes or so.

Long live the Saxons - until they meet the Irish in battle, that is.

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