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Mon Aug 7 21:15:09 PDT 2000

> 2. Whoever is getting things from the storage shed tomorrow night. Mom
(Dana) asked me to > give a list of what is needed for water bearing. Here
it is:
>         A.  2 pans for rinsing the bottles and caps in. (one for bleach
water, one for clean water)
Got it

>         B.  as many bottles with "sports caps" as we can get. The more we
have the fewer trips
> the water bearers will have to make.
I will get what ever Elfsea has.  However, I currently have definately 8
possibly more, one liter bottles with sport tops.

>         C.  Dont know if this is from Elfseas shed or our Canton supplies
but I need 2 of the 5
> gallon "jugs" (dont know what else to call them) one for water and one for
I'm pretty sure we have some. Although, I'll still get what Elfsea has. Just
to be safe.

>         D.  Cups for those who come to the waterbearing pavilion in need
of drink and dont have > a mug and want more than a swallow or two from the
I think the Tavern had some of those leftover. Either way if we need those,
we can get some from the store.

> 3. Also for waterbearing but not sure who is supplying. We talked about
garotaide.. whos
> getting the gatoraide? We had talked about the mix.
It's my understanding that we had leftover gatorade from the Tavern and that
we were going to use that.

> 4.  Sean, have you gotten the archery butts/targets? Or have you talked
with Fearghus to make > arrangements to get them?
We're going to pick those up from Stellas tomorrow night.

> 5.  Who is getting ice? Are we having it on site or are we making runs
into town? I will need ice
> to keep the water/gatoraide cold during fighting/archery. (and we probably
need it also during > feast if we're having tea and lemonade)
Ice is provided by a third party vendor. I will be contacting them tomorrow
to find out what we'll be able to get out there and how much it will be.

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