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I know this should probably go private but Elizabeth do you or anyone have a
phone number and/or email address for Lord Cerrick, Elfsea's archery
marshal?  I just found out tonight that he should have Elfsea's archery
targets and I need to get them by Thursday night if possible from him so I
can get them out to Canton this weekend.  Any help would be appreciated.

Laird Sean of Argyll
Loch Ruadh Archery Marsahl

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    So far, I have made about two dozen individual loaves
(dozen herb, dozen white), two ovals of plain white
bread, one oval herb.  Rye and honey/wheat (at least
two loaves each) will be baked tonight.
    Anyone wishing to stop by and help or if you'd like
to learn and just bake your bread in my kitchen, you
are most welcome; and of course I only have about
45 more lbs of flour to use up =:>
    While bread dough is rising, there will be some
sewing going on... I have two machines.

/Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood

5412 Whitman Ave.
Ft. Worth
(817) 423-9039 (hm, after 2:30 pm)
(817) 509-3403 (wk, until 2:30 pm)

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain wrote:

> Just a reminder that we decided that every Canton member attending
Lughnasad should bring at least one loaf of fresh baked bread.  Any kind of
bread will do, so just bring your favorite.
> If you don't bake or don't have time, don't worry - a fresh baked loaf
from your local Kroger, Albertsons or other fine supermarket will do just
> In Service,
> Padraig

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