portable holes and tent pegs (was: Re: LR - Holy Hoses!)

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Tue Aug 8 22:00:34 PDT 2000

This message from Madelina bounced - hope this reposting works.  Anyone have room for a rider and tackle?  Please reply to Madelina at the address below.


From: Jane Sitton-Logan <jesitton at swbell.net>
Subject: portable holes and tent pegs (was: Re: LR - Holy Hoses!)

Bon jour from Madelina!

Hmmmm.... If Laird Logan were to donate a couple of portable holes, would someone be willing to cart him and a box of finished work (NOT the forge, Scandinavian tent, etc., etc.) to the event?  He has LOTS of big  hammers, some portable holes, and LOTS of iron tent pegs ready....
Just a thought...

aka Jane Sitton-Logan

Bill Osterheim wrote:

> A couple of thoughts on this... bring Wyes for the hoses - othyerwise one hose completely ties up the tap!
> Bring fire extinguishers!  They are a requirement for having a fire, and as try as it is, a few extra would not be amiss!
> The ground is almost as haed as iron when it is this dry. Plastic tent stakes will not be of much use to you at
> Canton this weekend. Aluminum probably won't dent the ground much either.  Recommended are the heavy
> steel spikes from a lumberyard.  And a large hammer.
> Anybody bringing torches,  AND portable holes?  And torch fuel?
> Polydore

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